You have a seemingly endless array of shapes and sizes when choosing an LED mirror. The modernist may choose an LED mirror with a border-less design, while the traditionalist searches for a tasteful vanity with an integrated LED mirror. Some prefer rectangular while others work to incorporate circular designs. It’s often best to start with reviewing your space. This is the rough canvas that you’ll be using and will help narrow down your choice of LED mirror. Take out the tape measure; this ensures your LED mirror will fit the scale of the room. Larger spaces benefit to fixed installations, while smaller gain flexibility from smaller, mobile LED mirror designs. There are multiple rooms in the house that can use an LED mirror, so applying similar models across all rooms is an easy way to up your interior design game. We like hardwiring models flush with the wall for a clean look. Many LED mirror designs feature built-in smart outlets so you can work without getting tangled in cords. If you’re working with a designer, ensure they’re aware of your desire to integrate LED mirror products across the home.

The LED Mirror for the Master Bath

While the master bath is a showcase room from a design perspective, it needs to be functional on a daily basis. An LED mirror helps with makeup, hair, and gives an edge to male grooming. If space permits, a small makeup station featuring a midsized LED mirror separate from the main sink area keeps the bathroom focused. Makeup storage is generally centered here as well, so the LED mirror becomes task specific. Men especially enjoy the lighting from a smaller, dedicated LED mirror. Not only does this LED mirror accurately illuminate the face, but also it’s a great tool for shaving and beard trimming.

If your bathroom contains classic elements, like a claw foot tub, or carved cabinetry we recommend a framed LED mirror. The framed LED mirror, we offer in gold and silver, comes in three sizes: 24″x36″ LED mirror, 48″x30″ LED mirror, and 60″x30″ LED mirror. The frame may be painted to suit your space; LED mirrors are easily customizable with your contractor. We’ve seen red lacquer frames to suit modern, bold palettes.

Frameless designs work set in front of walls, should you choose to table-mount your LED mirror. The LED mirror sits more naturally in the space without borders. You may choose to stack artwork behind the table mounted LED mirror for design layers. Frameless LED mirror designs come off more modern with cleaner lines and a larger surface area. The bulbs are set into the mirror directly increasing the perceived brightness of these LED mirror builds. Above all, the frameless LED mirror is the future of Hollywood-style mirrors.

For the over-sink LED mirror, there are ready-to-order sizes up to 84”. This allows for dual sink coverage; the more LED mirror coverage in the bathroom, the better. Bathroom LED mirror designs may be placed closer to the countertop. This gives a better sight line when naturally bent at the sink. More LED mirror coverage means less jockeying for space with your partner in the bathroom. It becomes a daily time saver and a worthwhile investment. A large LED mirror means you’ll able to get ready for work or an event simultaneously with your partner.

For targeted use, like tweezering and eyelashes an LED mirror on a swing arm becomes very useful. The ability to position the mirror at any angle allows you to focus on certain areas a wall-mount LED misses. Depending on the distance from the wall the LED mirror may be affixed to a swing arm or a ball bearing joint. It’s not uncommon to have all three in the master bath: a large LED mirror over the sink area, a medium LED mirror in the vanity area, and a targeted LED mirror available for use on a nearby wall. Many women find use in these LED mirror shapes for brow work and eyeliner while men can shape beards and tackle ingrown hairs. It’s helpful to not need to lean over a sink for finishing touches — this LED mirror accomplishes that goal. Here are the most important considerations:

  • Oversized LED Mirror designs work for the master bath
  • Build several LED mirror stations for each task
  • Framed LED mirror designs work best for traditional décor
  • Frameless LED mirror designs work best for modern décor
  • A micro LED mirror is just as useful for men as it is for women

Recessing Your LED Mirror

Recessing your LED mirror into the wall is also a creative touch that is worth the cost of construction. This design choice creates the illusion of more space; adding an LED mirror actually feels like adding square footage. When the LED mirror is flush with the fall there is a better visual line across your bathroom. The builder may opt to create a shelf under the LED mirror for storage or design elements. A seamless build is contemporary while a larger frame around the LED mirror is a traditional design tactic. With you electrician, select smart points to build in power outlets. You’ll want to ensure you’ll be able to work centered in the LED mirror as well as on the left and right outer corners without having reach issues from the hair dryer. Contrasting, flat paint behind the LED mirror in recesses is a modern design tactic to give.


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