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Do Glam Mirrors have a dimmer?
Glam Mirrors offers many options for our customers, From No dimmer, Manual Dimmers to Touch Sensor Dimmer.
Where is the dimmer located?
The Manual Dimmers are located on the side of the mirror frame, or in the case of the touch sensor located on the mirror front.
Can the mirror be wall mounted?
Yes our mirrors can be mounted on the wall.
Where can I get replacement bulbs?
You can get replacement bulbs on our Glamms.com site, for assistance please use our Chat function for customer support.
How much does shipping cost ?
Shipping costs are determined by the size of the item and the destination. Please check individual listings for details, or contact us through our chat support.
Do you ship out of the country?
We can ship internationally, for shipping costs please contact us on our Chat support.
Can I switch the bulbs that come with the mirror to regular light bulbs?
No our Mirrors can only use the same type of specific LED Bulbs, regular bulbs will not work.
Who do I contact for replacement hardware?
Please contact us using the chat for customer support.