Antoinette 39" White Loius XIV Makeup Table & Floral Chair + Glam Mirror w Dimmer

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We brought some South Beach sizzle and whitewashed art deco to the Contessa Glam Mirror. The framed border sets this Hollywood mirror apart, reminiscent of classic hotel marquees just off the beach. Clean lines extend all the way to the base; place on the makeup table of your choice or hang directly on the wall. An integrated outlet keeps heated tools close when you need to transition styles from day to night. It’s as essential as suntan lotion and your favorite bathing suit.

About Your Glam Mirror

Glam Mirrors uses only the highest quality, distortion-free mirrors. The Monroe Glam Mirror is lined with 14 custom bulbs (with a lifespan of 50,000 hours) to ensure lifelike, accurate color representation. Measured by the Color Rendering Index, Glam Mirrors use bulbs exceeding 90 for professional results.

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